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      How Much Does Asbestos Testing Cost ?


      Asbestos Testing cost can vary due to different things :

      – How accessible is the location?

      – How many samples need to be taken?

      – What sort of asbestos is being tested?

      Asbestos testing prices usually range from $240 + GST for the initial sample and then $99 + GST for each sample passed there.

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      Asbestos Testing Auckland, Surveying & Assessments.

      Asbestos testing is essential because if asbestos becomes airborne and inhaled by people, it can cause significant lung issues. If this exposure continues for an extended period, serious health diseases can start lung tissue damage and form cancer. There are many types of asbestos, and any type can be found in your residential or commercial building; thus, getting it inspected by a team of professionals is a must.

      So, why take a chance on your and your family’s health ? Contact us. We are a team of professional asbestos removal professionals. We will come to your doorstep and finish the job with the right tools following the right tools.