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Asbestos testing Auckland

Asbestos Testing in Auckland

Ambient Asbestos Services have been providing Asbestos Testing Services to the Auckland Area for over 20 years. We take great pride in having experienced staff who take care in making sure the asbestos testing is done safely and with minimal invasiveness to your property.

Asbestos Survey

Are you getting ready to demolish a building and are suddenly in need of a demolition asbestos survey? Ambient Asbestos Services can help! We can provide a comprehensive Asbestos Assessment to meet all requirements before you demolish the building! 

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How Much Does Asbestos Testing Cost?

Asbestos Testing cost can vary due to different things

– How accessible is the location?

– How many samples need to be taken?

– What sort of asbestos is being tested?

Asbestos testing prices usually range from $240 + GST for the initial sample and then $99 + GST for each sample passed there. 

Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling Testing

If you have an textured ceiling or a popcorn ceiling that could potentially be asbestos then you should definitely seek out our Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling Testing Services. 

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Residential Asbestos Removal

Where Is Asbestos Found?

Asbestos can be found in a surprisingly large amount of areas in the standard home, Some locations include the asbestos roofs (decramastic tile and super six), ceiling, soffits, asbestos lino, asbestos insulation and asbestos piping.

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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing is essential because if asbestos becomes airborne and inhaled by people, it can cause significant lung issues. If this exposure continues for an extended period, serious health diseases can start lung tissue damage and form cancer. There are many types of asbestos, and any type can be found in your residential or commercial building; thus, getting it inspected by a team of professionals is a must.

So, why take a chance on your and your family’s health ? Contact us. We are a team of professional asbestos removal professionals. We will come to your doorstep and finish the job with the right tools following the right tools.


Most frequent questions and answers

At Ambient Asbestos Services safety is of the utmost importance to us so we wear all the regulatory safety equipment to ensure your asbestos abatement project is completed safely. 

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An Asbestos abatement plan begins with a report containing two sections. The initial segment (Part A) is rounded out by the Asbestos removalists permit holder preceding the asbestos being taken out and comprises of itemized information identifying with that specific venture.

The structure recognizes the structure proprietor who has mentioned the work, the size and area of the space influenced, in addition to the proposed controls to deal with any crises that might emerge.

These controls incorporate hindrances to forestall unapproved admittance to the site, air molecule control and a rundown of individuals working nearby and any authentications they hold.

The asbestos expulsion permit holder is likewise needed to finish a story plan enumerating the space of pollution alongside ways out and passages, disinfecting regions, the area of waste stockpiling regions, any destinations hands on that are utilized for regulation of asbestos, unapproved access regions, checking regions and different things identified with finishing the venture securely and effectively.

The administrator is additionally needed to study the place of work before the work beginning, distinguish any potential risks that might happen and afterward give a solution for these on the structure. Part B of the structure is finished after the asbestos is taken out and requires more detail on how the asbestos was discarded, the sum discarded, transport utilized and where the waste was taken to alongside duplicates of removal declarations and licenses.

Class A asbestos is considered to be the most dangerous type of asbestos.  An industry label for it is “friable asbestos” and requires the operator and company to hold a Class A license and certificate to remove it. Due to the high percentage of asbestos within the dust fibres, Class A asbestos is always to be treated with extreme care and only by an experienced, licensed operator. Class A asbestos items include  – Popcorn ceilings, Insulation and Lino.

Class B asbestos is typically asbestos contained within other products such as tiles, cement building products, Decramastic tile roofing, super 6 roofing and Hardies board.  

In earlier times before the dangers of asbestos were fully realised, asbestos removal and asbestos disposal was not regulated. This mean that asbestos was routinely used in swamp infixing, farm tracks and other backfill needs.