What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl Flooring was a popular flooring option for a lot of Kiwi and Australian home builders due to its sturdy but malleable (Flexible/workable) nature. It was basically stainproof, easy to wash and inexpensive to install and replace if needed.

Perhaps the most attractive part about vinyl flooring apart from the low cost is the ability to replicate almost any other building materials texture, be it native wood, stone or another building material with the added advantage of not having to deal with the natural faults found in most of those items.

When was Asbestos Vinyl Introduced?

Asbestos was first used in asbestos flooring around the 1920’s era but really rose to popularity in the mid 1970’s. Statistically, a house or building that has been constructed in New Zealand with vinyl flooring, wallpaper or lino before 1980 has a relatively high chance of containing asbestos and you should always be aware o this if you are thinking to start a renovation.

asbestos tile floorHow Do I Know If I Have An Asbestos Floor?

Things such as the date your flooring was installed. The appearance of your flooring (Texture, shape). The size and thickness of the flooring and of course the material type of the floor are all relevant factors to discovering whether your floor may contain asbestos. The best way to see whether your vinyl floor contains asbestos is to simply get it tested. Theres many asbestos testing contractors in Auckland who will come out and test your floor for an affordable price.

What Should I Do If I Have An Asbestos Floor?

Don’t Panic! Asbestos Flooring will not release asbestos fibres if they are not disturbed. If possible, the best way to deal with an asbestos floor is simply to cover it up with a new section of flooring. Laying a new pad or substrate and installing new carpet or lino should be enough to prevent any damage that could lead to asbestos fibres being released into the air.

Asbestos Flooring Removal

Whether your renovations make removing the flooring a necessity or you just don’t like the idea of having an floor contaminated with asbestos then removal is still a viable option.  The best way to get an asbestos floor removed is to engage a local Asbestos Removal Contractor. That way you know that the asbestos will be removed safely, efficiently and you won’t be putting yourself or anyone else at unneeded risk.

asbestos flooring removal