Everything To Know About Asbestos Removal In Decramastic Metal Roofs

If you are not aware of decramastic roof tile, they are also known as pressed metal tiles. It is one of the popularly used roofing materials in back time, made of aluminium and galvanized steel. These roofing materials are used in commercial and residential buildings. However, do you know they do contain risk of asbestos?

Before the dangers of asbestos became public, it was widely used as a building material in residential and commercial buildings. Although the health hazards of asbestos fiber are now known, many buildings made from it are still standing. Asbestos is made up of microscopic fibers that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Asbestos is a very strong, long-lasting material. It is not affected by water like many other materials are. For this reason, asbestos materials were often used in bathrooms and basements to avoid water damage.To identify this, you need to know which material to check, check the manufacturer’s label, and when in doubt, contact an expert.

If you’re in doubt, assume the material is asbestos. If you want to be sure, bring in a consultant who is specially qualified to do asbestos detection. This could be someone like an experienced contractor or an experienced building inspector. Lets know some of the major reasons you should consult a professional asbestos service provider.


Why Hire Professionals For Asbestos Inspection And Removal?

Have a professional collect the sample. Do not attempt to collect the sample yourself as you could be exposing yourself and others in the area to asbestos. Allow a qualified professional to take the sample as they will have the necessary safety equipment and tools to get the job done. For example, they may need to wear a coverall, gloves, and a respirator before cutting a piece of material and placing it in a sealed container. He may use a high-efficiency particulate air vacuum to collect dust particles and clean the area.

  • Professionals will dispose of their equipment and HEPA vacuum waste according to the regulations in your area.
  • Tests and inspection can tell you with certainty whether a wall/material contains asbestos.

If you have a decramastic roof get it tested by a professional asbestos company.


What You Can Do If You Have A Decramastic Roof?

  • Have it checked and tested by a reliable asbestos company to inspect if it can be encapsulated safely.
  • If it is beyond repair, then You may just have to get it removed , this can only be done by a professional asbestos company.
  • Call the asbestos abatement experts to get it tested for asbestos.

If you suspect that you have a decramastic roof that too with asbestos coating on it the important thing to do is to contact the asbestos experts and have an inspection of your roof. We are among the professional asbestos removal companies with years of expertise in their field and known for offering excellent service. We can offer you the best advice on how to stay safe and keep your roof safe.

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