How To Tell If A Textured Ceiling Has Asbestos?

A popcorn/stipple ceiling also known as textured ceiling is employed for finishing in the mid-20th century. The simple addition of texture to the ceiling may have many advantages.


How Can You Say If Your Textured Ceiling Contains Asbestos?

Asbestos testing is essential to establish the presence of asbestos in your house, regardless of whether it’s on your popcorn or any other area of your property. It is always recommended to contact a competent asbestos abatement company to inspect your popcorn ceiling.


Is It Safe To Have Popcorn Ceilings Made Of Asbestos?

Asbestos, which is found in many construction materials and is often referred to as a “sleeping monster,” does not represent a threat until it is disturbed.


If the popcorn ceilings in your house are in excellent condition, it is unlikely that they would discharge potentially hazardous asbestos fibers.


Renovations, natural catastrophes, and even regular wear and tear may cause asbestos popcorn ceilings to become damaged or dislodged. The most effective course of action is to get your popcorn ceilings tested for asbestos.


What To Do If You Have Asbestos In Your Popcorn Ceiling

If it is positive, the same business you have engaged in conducting an asbestos test may also be the same company to remove or encapsulate it.




You may not suggest the Removal of your selected asbestos if your textured ceiling is in excellent condition. If it is removed, asbestos fibers may travel throughout the air and throughout your home. In this case, the most popular solution may be worse than the present issue. Instead, they may suggest encapsulation. This method includes the use of a screening product to prevent the deposition of fibers in the air. It provides your family with a safer atmosphere.


Textured Removal Of Ceiling


If your ceilings are not in good condition and the danger of asbestos fibers in the air is significant, it may be your best choice to remove them.


Licensed experts must remove most asbestos popcorn ceilings. It is thus to your best advantage to find a licensed, competent asbestos removal company that can take care of this task.


The Process To Remove A Stubborn Ceiling


A licensed removal team of asbestos may remove a textured ceiling in two ways:

  • Remove the whole plasterboard piece
  • Remove the textured finish and keep the plasterboard

When they scrape the finish off, they use water spray devices to prevent dust from discharge before the debris is bagged and properly disposed of.



Is your popcorn ceiling in lousy condition or something you’d want to get rid of? The first step is to call a licensed asbestos removalist who will conduct an asbestos test on your property.


You may next seek to advise on whether asbestos removal or encapsulation is the most appropriate course of action after the findings have been returned and asbestos has been verified. You can be certain that a professional asbestos removal firm will be accessible to assist you at all times during the procedure.

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