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      Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling : Why Us For Asbestos Testing And Asbestos Removal ?

      Contractors with prior experience. Although we recently switched to marketing, the coys we use will only use one of the three A-class supervisors we have always employed.

      One of the three supervisors will provide high-quality work. This firm has been removing textured ceilings for several years and has repeatedly demonstrated that they can produce a quality painted ceiling surface once the textured ceilings have been removed.

      Complete safety-All work areas are sheeted out to meet Work safe requirements, and all work is completed inside that plastic enclosure, including final skimming and painting (seal and two topcoats) that will have received a clearance certificate and an air test before the sheets are finally removed, and you can re-enter your rooms.

      The texture is removed safely because it is entirely saturated before removal, but the surface is also entirely encapsulated by the skim and three paint coats. These processes are not dissimilar to the “Kowhai Removal System,” which we developed in collaboration with OSH 20 years ago.

      Finally, dealing with only one provider who completes the entire job, including any necessary repairs and skimming and repainting the Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling to a high standard. Many asbestos removal businesses lack the expertise to carry out our methodology of replacing the texture and instead provide a “cut and drop” form of removal, resulting in further issues.

      You don’t need to find the different Trades required completing a “cut and drop” for lived-in residences because the ceilings can be transformed to a very high standard, as proven by so many delighted customers. Once the sheets are removed, your task is complete as a quality job; you’ll be shocked at the transformation, and many clients say they wish they had removed the textures sooner.

      Hundreds of Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling testing have been done by our crew.

      We can promise to go over your options with you, such as removing the texture, removing the ceiling skin and repainting, or cutting and dropping the ceiling if necessary. We understand our clients’ twin needs for safety and property value protection, and our full-service staff can meet both objectives quickly and professionally.