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    Site clearance

    The land must be cleared of any barriers such as materials, grass, trees, concrete and rocks, ancient structures

    Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling

    Hiring an asbestos popcorn ceiling testing company, and not performing it on your own, is the safest and best decision

    Demolition Auckland

    Demolition is not a job for the faint of heart. A demolition project necessitates meticulous preparation

    Asbestos Testing

    Ambient Asbestos provides Asbestos Testing & Sampling at affordable rates. We will come out and collect a sample within 24 hours of you accepting our quote !

    Asbestos Removal

    Our team of qualified and highly experienced asbestos removalists will help ensure that your asbestos removal service goes smoothly and safely.

    Asbestos Roofing

    We Have Over 20 Years Of Asbestos Removal Experience. Certified Tradesmen. Expert Roof Replacement