What is Super Six?

Super six roofing is a corrugated roofing and cladding material made out of fibre cement with the reinforcing fibres almost always been made out of asbestos.

Asbestos Super Six was  first used towards the end of the 19th Centaury, mainly in old military shelters to provide a cheap, yet robust, way to construct their buildings. Then, towards the end of the war, it started to be used more commonly in roofing and cladding for residential homes.

It seemed like a good product at the time providing¬† –

  • A high level of fire resistance
  • Cost Effective
  • Light Weight.
  • Easy to manufacture

What are the dangers of an asbestos roof?

After years of being exposed to harsh conditions and/or impact damage asbestos super six roofs can become fragile or brittle and small cracks or fractures can appear in the panels. When the panels crack partials of asbestos fibres can become airborne and the overall structural soundness of the panels can be badly effected.

One of the many questions we get asked quite often by our clients is –

asbestos roof removal

Should I Remove My Asbestos Roof?

An Easy Answer is – YES, if possible you should always hire a professional asbestos removal company to remove and replace your asbestos roof and here’s a list of potential problems and a good reason to why you should get Ambient Asbestos Services asbestos roof removal team involved –

  • Soil Contamination: The fibres can be washed down the roof and onto the soil below the house. This leads to the soil being contaminated with asbestos and a costly soil remediation process will have to place in order to have your property back in to order.
  • Water Contamination: If you’re a home owner or a tenant who uses their roof to collect potable or drinkable water then you should definitely consider the adverse problem of having your water contaminated with asbestos when tossing up whether to replace the roof or not!
  • Asbestos in the ceiling cavity: If there are fractures in your asbestos roof then it is possible that the asbestos fibres are diffusing through your roof cavity. Contaminating your insulation, ceiling panels and even potentially getting into your aircon if you have on places in the ceiling.

How Can Ambient Asbestos Services Help?

Ambient Asbestos Services has been repairing, sealing, removing and replacing asbestos roofs for over 15 years. We have experience in removing and replace both commercial and residential roofs. We can replace your asbestos roof with a number of materials including – Iron and Asphalt Shingle, with our asbestos roofing specialists.


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