Privacy Policy

The purpose of creating this website of AsbRemoval” (the Company) is to provide individuals and legal entities (users) with necessary information about the activities of the Company and to inform about the goods and services (products) provided by “AsbRemoval”. The information on the site is largely informational in nature.

The contents of this site are the property of AsbRemoval and are protected by copyright laws. Therefore, site users may use the site content for personal and noncommercial purposes. The Company does not permit any changes to the content of this site, as well as subsequent reproduction of its content. Please note that the Company’s website contains links to other websites and in this case the Company is not responsible for the confidentiality of information on other resources.

The Company reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time in order to further improve the system of protection against unauthorized access to the personal data you provide.

Collection, storage and use of personal data

AsbRemoval receives your personal data when you put it in the registration form on the site or when you fill out the various notification and application forms on our site, as well as when you give it to our staff personally. Pursuant to AsbRemoval policy and to current legislation on the protection of personal data, you may at any time modify the data you have provided or ask for it to be deleted.

By submitting your personal data, you agree to these terms:

I agree that my personal data will be processed by methods appropriate to the purposes of the processing of personal data, without the possibility to make a decision solely on the basis of automatic processing of my personal data.

I give my consent indefinitely. This consent may be withdrawn by me at any time by sending a corresponding written request to [email protected].

When you register on the site or fill out the application forms, you may leave the following information:

  • Last Name, First Name, Middle Name;
  • Phone number and email address;
  • Login and password;
  • Mailing address;
  • Date of birth and age;
  • Gender.

The site automatically collects statistical information such as:

  • The user’s IP address and device type;
  • Browser version and type;
  • Date, time and number of visits;
  • The address of the site from which the visit to AsbRemoval took place;
  • Geolocation data;
  • Information about previously visited pages and advertising banners viewed;
  • Your operating system.

The Company will use the personal data you have provided in accordance with applicable laws for the following purposes:

  • For authentication and confirmation of your actions;
  • To process the orders created by you on the website;
  • To give you access to special information;
  • To improve the quality of work and services provided;
  • To analyze data and conduct various studies;
  • To promote products and services, and to prepare customized offers;
  • To inform you about special offers and promotions;
  • To provide you with feedback.

Transfer and protection of personal data

AsbRemoval respects the privacy of its users and assures you that the information it gathers from you will not be communicated to third parties without your consent.

The exceptions are:

companies acting on the basis of a contract with “AsbRemoval”, including the fulfillment of obligations to the users of the site, as well as cases stipulated by the current legislation of America.

The Company guarantees that the personal data transmitted by you, will be stored in accordance with applicable law.